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The story behind our new collection

Our comfort glam loungewear was created to empower women and be positively unstoppable all day and all night. Designed to take you from day to night and everywhere between. The pieces created are timeless, cozy and so luxurious, you will never want to take these off. The versatility of this glam comfort collection allows you to effortlessly transition from the 10:00am Zoom meeting to an evening out.

How are we taking comfort to glam? It is all about the fabrics! Lux fabrics that are soft, comfortable, stretch, retain shape, wrinkle resistant, and cozy. We obsessed with finding the softest and highest quality fabrics. Once you feel these fabrics, you are instantly in love! This collection focused on the details; deep pockets to fit our most needed essentials, high quality velvet ribbon, extremely comfortable waistband, exceptional hardware and superb craftmanship.

The color black is the base color story for the collection. Why did we decide on the color black for the collection? The color black is associated with strength, power, elegance and sophistication. These characteristics are reflective to the women designed for and by.

Feel confident, be unstoppable and look amazing!

Stay Brave

Stay Ambitious

Stay Strong

We are Columbus Apparel Studio (CAS), a strong and diverse team working together to develop and produce exceptional MADE IN AMERICA apparel for our own brand and for our clients. Designed and Made in Columbus, Ohio. Ethically sourced raw materials. Transparency supply chain; know where your clothes come from and who made your clothes.


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