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How much does it cost to develop a product?​

  • To develop one product the average cost ranges from $4000 - $8000 per product. This is an average and depends on the complexity of the product.

What is the product development leadtime?

  • Varies by product type and where you are in the product development process. Product development leadtime average is 4 to 6 months.

I'M New to the industry and the process. What is needed to get started?

  • Your idea and vision of your product. Dream big and we will bring your product to life. We specialized in collaborating with our clients and walk you through each step. Our expertise in design, development, sourcing and production, we make the difficult happen.

Does my location matter when developing a product with COLUMBUS APPAREL STUDIO?

  • Can’t make it to Columbus, Ohio? Not a problem. Our clients are located all over the USA. Technology along with our expertise in product development allows us to work with our clients collectively and efficiently to bring your product to life.

What is the MOQ for Production?

  • We are a small batch production facility with production orders starting at 100 units up to 5000 units. The smaller the quantity the higher the price per unit. Styles under 100 units are charged at sample pricing along with cutting fees. Outgrow our production capabilities? Not a problem - we have partnerships with larger manufacturers that we can setup your production runs to meet your growing business needs.

What is the leadtime for Production?

  • Small Batch Production are contracted with 6-10 week turnaround from the agreed upon start date. Start dates are based on receipt of all designs, fabrics, and trims by the customer, and CAS's current production schedule at the time of contract.

Is my concept confidential?

  • Yes. We recognize that you as the client will be giving CAS access to certain confidential information and CAS understands the need to keep that information confidential. CAS will also be giving you, as the client, information that you are also agreeing to keep confidential.

Can outside patterns be used at CAS?

  • Yes, but all outside patterns are reviewed for accuracy and efficiency at $95 per hour with two hour minimum. Pattern adjustments charged at $95 per hour.

How do I best prepare for the initial design concept review meeting?

  • To make the best use of time in the initial design concept review meeting, provide the following: sketches, inspiration samples and/or photos. Size range, target market, targeted launch date, and fabric swatches. 

Need help with fabric and trim sourcing? 

  • Our team of experts can help with fabric sourcing and selection at an additional cost.

What are the payment terms?

  • At the beginning of contract, 50% down at contract signing. The remaining balance is due at completion of the project. Completed projects will not be shipped until final payment is received. Shipping costs are charged to the client.

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