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Behind the scenes. How it's made.

Have you ever wondered how garments are made? Many consumers are intrigued but have not had the opportunity to experience firsthand the intricate process of apparel manufacturing! Educating our clients by walking them through the product development and production process allows them to best understand all it takes to make a product. Check out our video and get a glimpse behind the scenes at Columbus Apparel Studio of how our new comfort glam collection is made. All done in-house, under one roof. From design concepts, sketches, tech packs, patterns, fit sessions, fabric sourcing, production, photoshoots and videography. Collaboration is the core of our mission. Sharing our story of our brand and transparency of our supply chain is in our DNA. Stay tuned as we continue to share insight on how it's made and who makes your clothes. Have questions about localized manufacturing? Contact our team of thought leaders to learn more at

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